The Home Grown Food Challenge is a pledge to eat only home grown or local food for the month of October.

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What does your pantry look like?

An impressive stocked up pantry from NWEdible

5 days down, 26 to go…

I’m eating only food from my garden for the whole month and I’d like you to get involved. Here’s how:

Facebook App – Pledge To Take the Challenge

We’ve made this easy for you. Not only can you pledge to take the challenge for as little as 1 day, but you can also pledge to eat only locally grown food in place of home grown.

Napkin Labs Brainstorm Application – Build Me a Meal

Inspired by the show, Chopped, we’re calling on supporters to help me build a meal by choosing ingredients from my Master list. I’ll be choosing a number of submissions to make and participants are able to win prizes! – Spread the Word

This platform is a newer tool that allows you to amplify your tweet by getting backed by a target number of supporters. This model is similar to kickstarter, but in place of a monetary donation, a support needs to dedicate a tweet. C’mon, who doesn’t want to do that!